Data Reporting & Analytics


Reporting is the necessary prerequisite of analyses; it makes data understandable and ready for easy, efficient and accurate analysis. It includes

  • Collecting and presenting data ready to be analyzed, including historical data that can be tracked over time
  • Empowering end-users with the knowledge to become experts in their area of business
  • Having the underlying figures to back up actions, explain decisions

ThrivOn’s Data Analytics solutions can capture and analyze structured and unstructured data sources.  Coupled with our extensive data management and analytics expertise, our solutions can help you maximize the business benefits of all your corporate data.

We empower you to deliver actionable data in combination with your corporate data to those people in your organization who need it most, using a process that’s both agile and iterative – so everyone from marketing to human resources to operations to customer services – can leverage your data to provide important customer insights and drive product development and increase marketing effectiveness.

You need more than just ‘Data’ to make smart and intelligent proactive business decisions. You need to understand what that data is telling you – and draw meaningful intelligence and insights from your data. Our analytics solutions give you the tools you need to understand not just what happened, but why it happened, so you can predict and influence what will happen next. Our data analytics solutions let you drill down to discover the underlying factors that correlate to exactly what’s happening in your business.

Your data warehouse is the foundation for extrapolating valuable business intelligence, but that’s just the beginning. Layered on top of your data warehouse, Data analytics lets you examine how every aspect of your business affects the others. Our experienced analytics practitioners will show you new ways to look at the data you have to proactively make decisions for new product development and enhancements, marketing programs, customer satisfaction and much more.