Platform As A Service

Jumpstart Your Cloud Application Development Initiatives

Because enterprises cannot throw out existing investments in their production applications; application platform modernization is an evolutionary process. By the end of the evolution, enterprises will have application platforms ready for cloud enablement.Modern application platform offerings from software vendors require functionality across many areas, including lightweight frameworks, support of at least one type of container to house business logic, in-memory data management, queuing and messaging middleware, and monitoring and application management.


Platform as a service

This collection of needed functionality is offered by VMware partner ThrivOn under the vFabric Cloud Application Platform. Application platform modernization has shifted from an optional activity to a requirement as a result of increasing challenges and complexity that cannot be sustained without structural change.

Look no further if you  find yourself dealing with the following challenges. We provide assessment, planning, design, and deployment services for IT infrastructure transformation to cloud environment.

  • Building and provisioning new apps takes too long and/or is too complex
  • We can’t address our application backlog
  • We are not sure how to retain flexibility around deploying to private and public clouds
  • Current applications can’t adapt to dynamic business requirements


What is vFabric

VMware vFabric is the modern application platform or Platform as a Service (PaaS) for virtual and cloud deployments. VMware vFabric helps enterprise IT departments meet the challenges of delivering web-oriented, data-intensive applications while making the transition to virtual and cloud environments and protecting enterprise IT investments in legacy applications and infrastructure.vFabric

To fully leverage the VMware vFabric platform for application development, management and successful transition to PaaS, start with an understanding of the potential impacts on your organization and a well-designed transition plan.


ThrivOn’s vFabric services

ThrivOn’s VMware certified vFabric consultants help accelerate your journey to cloud. Our expert vFabric consultants will help you leverage best practices for planning migrations, expand your knowledge base around vFabric solutions, develop a PaaS Plan and vFabric PaaS Roadmap, and help transform your cloud application development environment. Our services are designed to accelerate your time to productivity and value – so that you can deliver results to the business sooner.

  • VMware vFabric PaaS Planning Service
  • VMware vFabric JEE to tc Server Migration Assessment Service
  • VMware vFabric Hyperic Jumpstart
  • VMware vFabric tc Server Jumpstart

Why ThrivOn for developing your cloud and vFabric strategy?

  • We are one of a select few VMware vFabric certified lighthouse partner
  • We accelerate the rollout and reduce the risk of moving to a PaaS application development environment
  • We deploy vFabric using best practices, ensuring that you start with a sound foundation
  • We provide you with practical know-how through interactive workshops and stakeholder planning sessions
  • We leverage VMware and industry best practices, and the in-depth expertise of our consultants to deploy your vFabric application platform infrastructure

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