Master Data Management

ThrivOn implements Master Data Management programs that provides 360 view of critical business entities enabling business decisions and processes driven by trusted information

Today’s organizations are process driven and many of the most critical business processes depend on high quality data – customer data, product data, location data – and relationships inherent in the data.  It is usually these critical data assets – Master Data Assets – that are the most central to running business.   But the data these processes rely on are often of very poor quality – inaccurate, incomplete, missing or duplicated – and thus the business processes that depend on those data can be inefficient, ineffective, and costly or increase business risk.  ThrivOn’s integrated Master Data Management and Data Governance solution can help organizations build 360 view of Master Data entities that offer the following

  • Empower executives with better decision making based on trusted master data
  • Establishment of single, up-to-date repository of Master Data that can be used throughout the organization for strategic business initiatives
  • Enable collaborative authoring of Master Data and enhance its accuracy and availability
  • Integration of Master Data Management with Data Governance to steward your golden data to keep it that way
  • Integration of Master Data in core business processes and enable strategic transformation of organization through improved business processes and  applications

How do we do it?

ThrivOn’s Master Data Management approach focuses on four key areas – business case & identification of core business entities, creation of a master data model, creation of collaborative authoring and administering workflow and implementation of enabling technology. In addition, by integrating it with Data Governance program we ensure that people and processes are accountable for creating, enriching, correcting and maintaining their own data.

ThrivOn Master Data Management Hub Approach

ThrivOn Master Data Management Hub Approach



In today’s information society, success of a business largely depends to a great extent on the ability to leverage data about organization’s core business entities. ThrivOn’s integrated Master Data Management and Data Governance approach helps set up a “gold copy” of highly accurate and consistent master data sets for business performance reporting and enables greater visibility into the business for more efficient operations.

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