Database As A Service

Database As A Service

VMware vFabric™ Data Director powers database-as-a-service for your cloud, allowing databases to be deployed by nonadministrators with only a few mouse clicks. It allows for cloudlevel management of thousands of databases and automatically enables key features such as cloning, high availability, disaster recovery, backup and recovery, and database instance migration.

VMware vFabric™ Postgres is a cloud-enabled database that can be rapidly provisioned and deployed within the VMware environment. vFabric Postgres is a feature-rich, fully supported, ANSI compliant version of PostgreSQL 9, the leading opensource database that has powered products from leaders like Greenplum, EnterpriseDB, and Netezza for more than 10 years.

vFabric Data Director, built for private and hybrid clouds, extends the benefits of VMware’s leading virtualization platform to the database tier and empowers administrators to securely automate and delegate routine tasks, including database provisioning, backup, and cloning.

vFabric Postgres 9.0, the vSphere-optimized ACID and ANSI-SQL relational database, delivers the elasticity and performance required for the cloud. vFabric Data Director offers the agility of public cloud database services with enterprise-grade security, flexibility, control and compliance

Please talk to a ThrivOn expert to discuss database as a service alternatives if

  • You are planning or implementing Hybrid Clouds and want to include a database management platform.
  • You are trying to control the sprawl of databases into the business units and out of IT control.
  • You have concerns about virtual database licensing and support from other database vendors.
  • You are dealing with the leakage of customer data into public cloud offerings like Amazon.
  • You have an executive level mandate to push virtualization whenever possible

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