Practical Data Governance

ThrivOn implements data governance programs on a shoestring budget that optimize critical business processes and improve decisions on trusted data.

Data has really become a corporate asset. However, it rarely treated as one. Organizations are wasting money on finding, gathering, consolidating, cleaning, standardizing, and formatting their data. However, its potential to generate revenue is largely untapped. Reason – absence of any data governance program, and when there is one, it’s not effective due to its poor implementation. ThrivOn’s integrated data governance solution can help organizations build long lasting data governance program that offers the following

  • Empower executives with better decision making based on trusted data
  • Establishment of communication channels, plans and tools for better collaboration on data
  • Identification and establishment of data owners and data stewards
  • Integration of data governance within organization’s other Information Management programs
  • Establishment of a Data Governance Council (DGC) for a Self-sustained data governance program

 How do we do it?

ThrivOn’s Data Governance approach focuses on four key areas of data model, data quality, data security, and data lifecycle. ThrivOn’s Data Governance Framework empowers organizations to make actionable data policies that can be defined, implemented, enforced and maintained. ThrivOn’s framework helps identify business processes that produce and consume data. Our framework also identifies data stewards, business process owners and IT System owners and defines their responsibility. We ensure that people and processes are accountable for creating, enriching, correcting and maintaining their own data.

ThrivOn’s Data Governance Framework

Success of an organization’s Data Management program depends to a great extent on the underlying data being managed. ThrivOn’s Data Governance Framework helps set up structures and processes for effective Data Governance that delivers high-quality, meaningful data to the business users and systems as a key to a successful data management program.

ThrivOn data governance framework outline

ThrivOn high level data governance framework


Proven track record for data governance approach

  • One of world’s largest not-for-profit implemented a people centric data governance and stewardship program thereby establishing the foundation for planned growth of 500% in next 4 years.
  • A large bank implemented enterprise wide data governance supported by a workflow oriented web based business glossary tool, significant improving business – IT alignment and improved data quality.
  • A large health insurance company implemented an integrated data quality program, enterprise wide data governance supported by automated Audit Balance and Control (ABC) framework,  a Master Data Management hub and a web based workflow solution for data stewards.
  • A leading pharmaceutical company adopted our Data Governance Maturity Model to develop a five year road map for enterprise information management

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