Business Intelligence Consulting

ThrivOn provides expert business intelligence (BI) services that help our clients optimize their ability to leverage their data and turn it into actionable insights. In other words, ‘we help businesses make better decisions’.

We will work with you as a collaborative business intelligence consulting partner – we see the big picture, ask the right questions and look for our clients’ underlying business challenges. We deliver solutions that lay the foundation for smart business decisions that lay the foundation for tangible competitive advantages.

We don’t favor any particular business intelligence platform or vendor – we will provide you the solution that best fits your specific needs. . We can deliver a complete lifecycle solution or focus on a specific aspect of BI chosen by you.

ThrivOn’s team has delivered solutions ranging from a straight forward data migration to the implementation of a full BI program. We can help design and build a cost-effective solution for your needs. When we deploy your solution, we closely monitor results to ensure that business processes are improved and fully enabled along the way.

Business Intelligence Capabilities that we deliver

  • Reports – Use comprehensive reports to understand your BI content.
  • Analysis – Explore your BI data with trend analysis, “what-if” scenarios, modeling and more.
  • Scorecards – Successfully monitor performance with the scorecard capabilities
  • Dashboards Monitor, measure and manage corporate performance at a glance with dashboards.
  • MobileExperience insight wherever you are giving you complete mobility.
  • Real-time monitoring – View up-to-the-minute operational data for quick and informed decisions.
  • Collaboration – Fuel the exchange of insights with collaborative BI.
  • Advanced visualization – Bring your data to life in the best visuals