Big Data Architecture


If your growing data environment cost is spinning out of control and your enterprise is unable to keep up with expanding business requirements to access more data, we can help you define and transition to a big data architecture.

Most Big Data projects use variations of a Big Data reference architecture. Understanding the high level view of this reference architecture provides a good background for understanding Big Data and how it complements existing analytics, BI, databases and systems. This architecture is not a fixed, one-size-fits-all approach. Each component of the architecture has at least several alternatives with its own advantages and disadvantages for a particular workload. Companies often start with a subset of the patterns in this architecture, and as they realize value for gaining insight to key business outcomes they expand the breadth of use.

Our Big Data analytics architecture design and development service, comprises DW appliances, analytic toolsets, integration processes, reporting functions and associated data visualization tools to suit your enterprise’s unique needs.

Our Big Data Analytics consultants help your organization compare and take advantage of many of the best technologies available in the industry. We have expertise in Hadoop-based platforms, MPP databases, cloud storage systems, and other emerging technologies and can help your enterprise Big Data if you are just embarking on Big Data’s big return or have some infrastructure in place but need some help.