Big Data Analytics

Numbers ImageRecent advancements in technology and the significant reduction in data storage costs have given businesses the opportunity to do things with data that were impossible until now, opening up an entirely new host of analytics opportunities.

Our Big Data Analytics team is a part of this information revolution, and has delivered several critical Big Data implementation projects in the last 24 months – with one goal – we help our clients maximize the value from their data investments.


Data Discovery is an advanced big data analytics capability that allows business users to collaboratively use Big Data—without IT intervention—to perform real-time analysis of large data sets. Coupled with Data Visualization tools, Data Discovery helps you manipulate and view data to find new insights and turn them into business advantages.

We can help you make the most of your big data investment so you not only know what  happened in the past, but can better predict and act upon what will happen.


How do your users want to view their data? Your Sales team will have very different requirements from your marketing or finance teams, but that doesn’t mean you have to develop and support multiple applications. We can deliver an ad-hoc and structured visualization environment so each user can visualize their data the way they want to for better understanding, metrics comparison and solution discovery.


Most companies use data to make business decisions, but sometimes available data doesn’t tell the whole story. As a result, decisions are made using incomplete information.

Closed Loop Analytics lets you ask questions and perform analysis based on what you already know. We can show you how to use your data in ways you may never have even thought of to achieve greater insights into your business and customers, and drive new initiatives and product offerings.

We put powerful analytics into the hands of everyone who needs it, including data that was difficult or impossible to collect. We’ll create custom processes and applications for analysis; then continuously feed the results back into your operations, forecasting, budgeting, planning and decision making.


In the coming years, data generated by sensors and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, or the Internet will fill the storage systems of data centers across a wide range of industries. But for most organizations, working with sensor analytics is nearly impossible at this point. Legacy integration technology can’t keep pace with the number of new sensor data sources that are emerging. Existing infrastructure can’t handle the massive data sets that sensor data analytics require. Most developers don’t have the MapReduce program skills that are essential in the new world of big data. And few organizations have the resources to invest in the technology, infrastructure and talent it would seem to require to manage sensor data analytics effectively.

We augment your existing analytics team to:

  • Speed decision-making to take advantage of new trends, issues and opportunities
  • Improve customer service, operations and distribution
  • Steer product development and create new bundled packages to satisfy customer demand
  • Provide quick insights into which marketing messages, offers and campaigns perform best for each channel
  • Continuously guide strategy refinement based on what works
  • Measure performance against the competition so you know where you stand.